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Charlie Schroed...
Abila Millennium v.2015.1.3 Released (REVISED)

Dear Millennium Customers,


Yesterday, April 14, 2016, we posted a notification in our forum referencing the release of Millennium v2015.1 Update 3. The patch was supposed to contain several fixes, but we released a version of the patch that did not contain all of the fixes we had planned to include.

Please note that if you have already downloaded and installed the patch, it will not cause any problems. However, we will release an updated version of the patch soon and we will post again in this forum as soon as it is ready for you.

We apologize for this oversight and appreciate your patience as we work to deliver the full patch to you. If you have any questions, please refer to our Customer Support Resources web page to contact Abila via web ticket or phone. We will be happy to assist you!


Abila Customer Support

Peggy Dolter
Abila Millennium v.2015.1.3 Released (REVISED)

Charlie -- or anyone?  What's the status of Millennium 2016?  And even it's too soon to announce its release, can its system requirements be posted?  That would help us plan ahead.  Thanks,

Peggy Dolter / John Burroughs School / St. Louis, Missouri / mdolter@jburroughs.org

Carolyn Lynch
Hi, Peggy. I see Millennium

Hi, Peggy. I see Millennium 2016 Release Notes and Installation guide in knowledgebase but I can't find a notification about it. 

Carolyn Lynch, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, ckynch@wakehealth.edu

Susan Stewart-Kelley
2016.1 Release Update

Hi everyone! Hope you're all well!

I wanted to chime in regarding the release date for 2016.1. The official date for release is 5/24 (next Tuesday). As soon as the release is in hand (literally any moment now), an official announcement will go on the KB regarding the e-mail going out for the download on May 24.

Feel free to call or email me directly with any questions or requests.

Thanks all!


Susan Stewart-Kelley



Christopher Jones
Hi Peggy and Carolyn,

Hi Peggy and Carolyn,


Thanks for your inquiries. Please click here for the Millennium 2016.1 System Requirements


With respect to what is available on the knowledgebase, we currently do not have all the v2016.1 information ready. Unfortunately, our knowledgebase still displays titles for articles that are in process, and in the case of the articles you were looking at, some of the data links were accessible prematurely. We have since corrected those links so they do not show up until everything is ready.


Thanks for your patience. We will work on posting an update as soon as the information is available.


Abila Customer Support