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"Add Program" Issue in "Periods & Awards" Module

Hello, SAGE Team,

I'm having an issue with the "Add Program"/"Select The Program or Programs This Grant Will Fund" section in the "Periods & Awards" module. If I enter/create a new program and then manually save, the system regularly doesn't allow me to either delete that program entry or hit the "+ add Program" button. It is unresponsive - as if it were "grayed out". (I am logged in as an Administrator; Start & End dates filled-in, Stage=Awarded, Notification & Award dates filled-in).

Once data has been saved in the "Periods & Awards" module, can program information be altered?

 Any insight into this issue would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Frank J.

Frank,  I'm sorry you're


 I'm sorry you're experiencing difficulties. Could you please email me (kathleen.hall@sage.com) or respond with the best email or phone number so that we can get in touch with you and help find a solution?