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Kristin Knowles
Change Due Date Invoice Posted and Paid


Does anyone know if there is a way to change the due date of an invoice that has been posted and paid? The due date was incorrectly entered as due in the year 2028. The check date was right, the AP session date was right. But we now have this random credit to our AP GL from the due date being in year 2028. 

We can live with it if needed but I'd rather clean it up and fix the invoice that was incorrectly entered, posted, and paid with the wrong due date.





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Michael Golub
Correcting Invoice Dates.

Kristin, the Due Date doesn't reflect in any of the standard system reports.  Do you actually mean the Document Date?  Or Effective Date?  Remember Document Date is used for reports like AP Agining where Effective Date affects the GL Posting.

You can certainly fix this with a Copy/Reverse Posted Document.  Just reverse it using the original dates then Copy and correct your dates.  That should clear up the issues.

Michael Golub