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Keren Whitney
Changes to Chart of Account Segments

I am wondering if it is possible to alter Chart of Account numbers once they have been set.  Specifically- Our COA uses the numbers 1-100 for the Program part of the Segment.  We have found that we have so many funding sources that change or are added, that the spacing is not enough.  We really don't want to recycle numbers and we like the ability to group like funds together.  Can I change the numbers from 22 to say 220 without any problems?  Has anyone else run into a similar problem?

Michael Golub
Changes to Chart of Accounts Segments

There isn't a renumber function like renumber Vendors or Customers for chart of account entries.  There are many tables affected so it's not just making a modification to the COA table.  It can be done by a qualified professional with database and SQL experience, but not by the end user.