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Dean Meadows
Closing Fiscal Year

Has anyone experienced any problems in trying to use the "Close Fiscal Year" task in MIP?  I'm getting a message that someone is in MIP but when I check, I'm the only one logged in.  I've never had a problem closing the fiscal year before.

Matthew Gorman
Not sure of your setup, but..

Not sure of your setup, but...  It could be EWS's IIS server having a hand in the DB, open queries/connections with SQL Server Management Studio, or a 3rd party app which works alongside the MIP system?    If you have access to SSMS, run sp_who2 and check login/hosts against your dbname.

Donald Smith
Matthew is right with the

Matthew is right with the different possibilities listed:  Internet Information Services (IIS) and  open queries/connections (we often see this with 3rd party backup software on servers.)  We also see this error come up often when an organization is not on the current Service Pack for their version of Microsoft SQL Server.  You may want to check this as well and, if you are not on the current Service Pack, update.  In the meantime, you may try restarting SQL Server services as this can sometimes temporarily clear the lock keeping you from processing your close of fiscal year.  If none of these conditions apply, feel free to call the Support Department at 1 (800) 945-3278 and an analyst can remote connect to your server and troubleshoot.

Closing Fiscal Year

We were having the same issue last year when I ran the close fiscal year process and also determined that it was related to EWS.  What I ended up doing was restarting the SQL server after hours and then running the close fiscal year process before anyone could sign in.  I did find that staff couldn’t access EWS while I was in the process, but that only took a few minutes.