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conditional gifts

I have a supporter who has pledged to provide $xxx dollars if we raise 10 times that amount.  The donor will not provide the gift unless we meet this number several years out into the future.
For millennium purpose I have this entered as a conditional pledge.

My accounting department would like millennim to recognize the revenue as we earn a portion of it each month. We will not have any money to apply to reduce the pledge and we do not want to write down the pledge amount. I suggested using a campaign amount field on our gift screen, but this would need to be manually updated each week.

The problem is with our reporting structure I do not know that could look back at past dates to get the amount earned on a certain date. Can anyone provide me with any guidance?




Glenn Blackshear
I assume the donor has
I assume the donor has specified a period of time and/or due date by which you must raise the 10x dolloars to meet the condition. Is this an all-or-nothing condition? For instance, if you only raise 9.9 times the pledge amount, is the donor going to give you 99% of the pledge amount or nothing? If the donor is going to prorate, then you should be ok in booking the pledge's revenue. If it is all-or-nothing, then I suggest entering it as a conditional pledge, setting the payment due date after the condition's deadline. If you have been booking the revenue over the condition's period, and then for some reason don't make the 10x to fulfill the pledge's conditions, then you will have been recognizing revenues that you didn't actually receive. Not a pretty picture.
it is all or

it is all or nothing.

 The issue is they want to recognize the revenue in millennium.  I have no asset to put against it to reduce the amount due on the pledge until we get the check at the end.

How would you recogize the amount earned with no payments (assets) to put against it?

I suggested using a field for campaign amount, but then we loose the historical record as we update it.  Do you have any suggestion for a better way to recognize the "earned amount" before it is received with the pledge being conditional as all or nothing and no money until the end?

Thanks for your help.

Hi,  I just presented a


 I just presented a workshop on Challenge Grants this morning, and we do a lot of them, some conditional and some "irrespectively irrevocable."

Although my enhancement request has expired, conditionality would function better if managed at the allocation level, using the standard triggers to update "Asset" value and new ones to generate entries to pass to Accounting.

 We use a form to notify Accounting of the amount to be recognized as revenue, which we submit monthly.  We reflect the original challenge pledge (A) as a conditional pledge, and the amounts recognized (B) as an unconditional pledge, increasing B and decreasing A for the amount of qualifying gifts received in the month (our match ratio is 1-to-1).

Contact me if you are interested in copies of the forms we use.

Donald A Stewart
Scripps Health Foundation