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Elise Kimura Tittle
Cursor Going Wacko
Has anyone noticed the cursor going into different screens? The cursor does not seem to go in the logical first empty field any more. If you go to a new screen whether it's search or creating new information screens or entering gifts, the cursor does not necessarily begin in the first empty field like it used to and would be most helpful to do.  I hope in the next update or fix they make sure that the cursor appears in the first open field.

What version of Millennium

What version of Millennium are you on? on what environment?

We used to have this issue on 7.6.  Make sure you have the right version of Java for the version of Millennium you are on.


Elise Kimura Tittle
we have 7.8.4 Millenium. 
we have 7.8.4 Millenium.  What version should we have of Java? I'm not sure which one we have
The Java version for

The Java version for Millennium 7.8.4 is Sun Java 1.6.0_16 for PC and Sun Java 1.6 for Mac. You can check to see if you have the proper version of  Java required for the version of Millennium you are running in Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features. 

Additional information on Java compatibility can be see in knowledge base article 216525.

 Hope this helps.