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Data Examiner - Gift Entry Uses?

Good morning, all,

We use the Advanced Data Examiner (ADE) import tool at Texas State for a few purposes where gift entry is concerned. We are looking into using it for additional batch types, and I wanted to know how you use it for gift entry. Are there any gotchas? Defects? Issues we should be aware of?

Specifically, what types of gifts do you import using ADE, and which can you not import? Are you able to mix tender types, batch numbers, payment types?

Thank you all for your responses.

Warm regards,


Elise Kimura Tittle
How did ADE work for you? We

How did ADE work for you? We would like to know more about how to use it as it does not seem very friendly. After creating a map and discovering we needed a couple of other fields, it would not let us edit a past map.