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Boby Ui
Deletion of Funds in the Chart of Accounts

[The following is from Lynn Sikora who is having some problems we are working out with her new forum account] 

I am preparing to delete from Millennium, 43 funds both the Chart of Accounts and an associated Fund Info Record that has been created in corebio for each of these 43 funds.  The purpose of this request, is so that the fund numbers for these particular funds, which have no associated gift records, can be re-used by Foundation Accounting.


While we would have preferred to either inactivate the funds, or rename the funds to “Unused Fund” until which time they be re-used, we discussed these options with our customers, and they feel  that neither option will suit the purposes of Foundation Accounting, or External Relations.


Because this process has never been done before by us, and we don’t have the time to fully investigate all of the Millennium tables that could potentially store these fund numbers (chart_code from chart_of_accounts),  we wanted to check with Sage [and other users] to see if there are any known technical ramifications (perhaps with triggers, etc.) of deleting funds that don’t have any associated gift records, or if this is just simply a bad  database practice in general.


Please let me know what you find out.





Sean Vincent
Lynn,  I thought I


 I thought I should reply just so you would know someone read your message!  Unfortunately, I don't have much advice on this topic.  We've successfully deleted entries from our Chart of Accounts, but only when a fund was created inaccurately or with incorrect data provided by our finance office.  We did not experience any issues as a result of deleting the fund and most often added a new fund with correct data shortly there-after.  BUt again, the delete was always done either before a gift was ever associated or after any previously associated gifts were journal and corrected and associated with the corrected account/fund.  I don't recall ever having deleted a COA record that was tied to a Corebio record (we too link fund in our COA to records created in Corebio, etc. to track stewarded funds).  

Sean Vincent
University of Puget Sound

Lynn, Hey, I made it on


Hey, I made it on here!

The other place I can think the account number might be is in corebio - you can set a default account for a record. I am thinking no where else. And by saying "no gifts" you mean absolutely no transactions in the gift OR Dues table, correct ?

 I'm sure there is a way for SQL to find any dependencies - but don't know what it is. I'm pretty sure corebio is the only table that refers to chart of accounts.