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Matthew Gorman
Drillpoint 16.2 questions


We just downloaded Drillpoint 16.2.


1) Does it work ok on 2016.1.1, or must we have 2016.1.2 (which I think is the latest, no?)

2) Does DP16.2 play well with 32bit Office 2016?  Is it supported?


Proinsias Fitzp...

Hello Matthew,

Thank you for using the forum. 

To answer your questions.  Drillpoint 2016.2 will work with 2016.1.1 MIP there is no problem.  We would prefer that you use it with MIP 2016.2 since that the version it is tested against.  Then on Office 2016 32 bit, I have seen it work on some of our clients’ environments.  The only versions of Office that it has been tested on are Office 2010 and 2013 32 and 64 bit. 

The new version of Drillpoint and MIP will be released in the in the next few weeks.  You can find more about that this link


If you have more questions, please give Abila support a call at 1-800-945-3278

Thank you

Proinsias Fitzpatrick

Customer Support Analyst, Abila


TF 800.945.3278