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Electronic Versions of User Manuals?


I'm researching if electronic version of user manuals exist for Grant Management 1.6 or later (I saw some installation guides from 2011, but can't track down the above).

We have a hard-copy in a binder here of "SAGE Grant Management Recording & Reporting & System Administration"; v.1.4, NPS-GM102-SG; "Student Curriculum".

Per the Google results I was getting, I looked for a "media" link on various pages of yours, but couldn't spot anything.

Thanks for your attention to this matter.

Frank J. for U.S. Vets, Inc., Los Angeles

Hello Frank!  My name is

Hello Frank!

 My name is Kathleen Denyer Hall and I'm the product owner for Sage Grant Management.

 You can certainly access the current Help documentation within the current version (Version 1.8).

I believe, however, that you're referring to training guides, which are provided at the time of the class and unfortunately you'd need to take a new class in order to get the new guides.

Please give me a call (512) 861-3168 or email me at kathleen.hall@sage.com so that we can talk about how to provide a solution that will meet your needs.