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Peggy Dolter
Enhancement request

Hello, MUG-mates,

This is a shameless request that you vote for the enhancement idea I just submitted on the site:  https://www16.v1ideas.com/Sage/SageMill

While you're there, you should vote for ALL the enhancement ideas I have ever submitted... Haha...  Anyway, I just added a new one about being able to add another value to the genders that are available in Millennium.  We have a few constituents who do not fit into the traditional categories, and right now Millennium does not allow for expanding that list.

I hope that y'all in Houston are doing alright.  Flood waters can do a lot of damage.

Thank you,

Peggy O. Dolter / John Burroughs School / St. Louis, Missouri / mdolter@jburroughs.org