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Peggy Dolter
Enhancement requests
Hello fellow SCMUG members,
The link to the customer portal where you can submit requests and search on existing requests is https://www16.v1ideas.com/Sage/SageMill
You have to log in.  Personally, I'm using my e-mail address and then the same password that I use on the forums.
I beg of thee, please vote for "Expand the window for report criteria" -- come on, is there any reason for that window to remain so small?
ADE users:  Please vote for "Allow us to import desired ID numbers of new constituents when using ADE" as well as "Allow for viewing maps in ADE without having to specify an import file."
Thank you for your kind consideration!
Peggy Dolter / John Burroughs School / St. Louis MO / mdolter@jburroughs.org
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