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Giving Detail screen and Relation screen slow

Hi all,

We are in the process of migrating from Sungard Advance to Sage Millennium.  We're on Millennium 7.9 running on a 64-bit Windows 2008 server (virtual) with 8GB of RAM; and Oracle 11gR1 on a virtual Linux box with 12GB of RAM.

Approching go-live date, we just stress-tested our system and found both the Giving Detail screen and the Relation screen to be extremely slow:

  1.  Displaying Giving Detail data onto the screen for constituents with many gifts takes an excessivly long time; 
  2.  Bringing up individuals or parties with a large number of relationships caused the front end to hang, even if run by only one person.
  3. In testing simultaneous address updates, it became clear that 5 or 6 simultaneous updates were the limit, after which the system slowed (or stopped).

Has anyone experienced these kinds of performance problems with Millennium? Please share your solutions.

We'll appreciate any help.


Usmanou Nsangou

Sr. Database Administrator 

Bentley University; Waltham, MA. 


781 891 2176


Usmanou, This is a known


This is a known issue that is scheduled to be fixed in Millennium 8.0.

Title:  318566-SS21226-Display refreshes slowly when table has more than 500 rows

Symptom:  Screens load slowly for tables containing many data rows. Observed in the Giving and Relations tables, can be reproduced with other tables.

 Product Family:  Fundraising
 Product:   Millennium
 Version/SP:   7.9.1
 KB #:    318566-SS21226

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Search for a constituent with a large number (500 or more) of Gifts or Relationships and notice the system takes an excessively long time to display or appears to hang.

Workaround: Use filters when accessing constituents with many data rows.

Status: Scheduled for Millennium 8.0
Related Information:  DF-SS20992-312840-7.8-Profiles-Slow Performance in loading display for various menus.msg

You can monitor the status of this defect by reviewing KB # 136906.