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Hi NEMUG, long time... I need some feedback...

Hi NEMUG, long time...  I am back at Middlesex School on a contract to upgrade their Millennium from 7.7 to 7.9 (SP2).  We are doing a complete process review and reporting audit as part of the project. 

 I am looking for anyone that has done the upgrade and any issues, problems, and insights on how it went for you.

We are also going to be looking at some of the modules that we are currently not using and I wanted to see if others are using them and how it's working for you.

 The modules under review for ROI are:

1. On-line giving, E-commerce

2. On-line Alumni Directory

3. Visual Analyzer

4. Wealth Engine integration

Thanks everyone and say hello if you remember me, :-)

Ted Van Patten

Middlesex School

Concord, MA

7.7 (sp2)

SQL 2005

Paula Lee
Hi Ted, Nice to see you

Hi Ted,

Nice to see you back in the Millennium community.  Middlesex School hasn't been part of the NEMUG meetings for a few years.... probably since you left.  I'd like to extend an invitation to you and other Middlesex Millennium staff to attend the next NEMUG Meeting.  As your may recall, you'll get lots of help at the meetings.  Please let me know if you can attend.


Northeast Millennium Delegates Meeting


Tuesday – March 27, 2012

10:00am – 3:30pm


Wesleyan University

Downey House Lounge

294 High Street

Middletown CT






10:00   Welcome, Introductions and Logistics


10:15   What’s New for Sage Millennium 2013 (formerly known as 8.0)

            Jill Steward


11:15   Break


11:30   Sage Millennium 2013 Beta

            Jill Steward


12:00   Lunch and Networking


1:00     Sage Summit Overview

            Jill Steward (and members of Conference Committee)

August 14 – 17, 2012

Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, Nashville, TN


1:30     Enhancements Discussion

            Jill Steward


2:30     NEMUG co-chair position


2:45     General Discussion Topics


-          Sites leaving Sage Millennium vs. new Sage Millennium sites

-          Increasing the usefulness of NEMUG (and RMUGs) to Sage

-          RMUGs communications methods

-          Increasing participation and membership in NEMUG

-          NatMUG status and updates

-          Usefulness of Sage Product Usability vs. Focus Groups

-          What’s new with Sites?






Directions to Wesleyan can be found at http://www.wesleyan.edu/about/traveltowes.html


Downey House is located on the corner of High Street and Court Street.  There is limited on street parking on Court Street, which is a one way street.


Better parking is available in the Admission Parking Lot, 70 Wyllys Avenue.


Walking directions from Admission Parking lot to Downey House.


Leave the lot, make a left. 

At the end of the road is High Street, make a left.

Cross the street at the light, Downey house is right there.




Breakfast and Lunch will be provided.