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Hosting Notification: System Capacity Enhancements

Dear Sage Nonprofit Online Hosting Customers,

At the beginning of each calendar year the Sage Nonprofit Online Hosted environment experiences heavy usage.  This year we have made the following additions to our infrastructure:

• More than doubled the number of servers that directly run the applications

• Substantially upgraded the load balancer that directs traffic evenly to our servers

• Added a self-service password reset portal

• Doubled the capacity of our database server cluster (1/9/13)


On Jan 8, we saw heavy usage of the database server beyond the level we had predicted. We have responded quickly and have doubled both the number of processors and amount of memory in our database cluster. Preliminary results show that the additional resources are improving system performance.

Your experience is important to us and we know that this is a busy time of the year for you. We are sorry for the database performance issue and resulting frustration you might have experienced.

Thank you for choosing Sage.



Grant Howe

VP Research and Development

Sage Nonprofit Solutions