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How Does Your Organization Handle Matching Gift Employeer Information?

Good afternoon, all,

I'm trying to gather a bit of data from each organization in order to cater my CorrectGM presentation for the group as a whole. Would you please reply with answers to these questions?

1. Are you already using CorrectGM? If yes, how long have you used it? If no....

2. Do you use any third party application that provides you withmatching gift employer information? If yes, what are you using and for how long? If no...

3. How do you handle collection and maintenance of matching gift employer information in Millennium, if you do not have third party tools to help you?

4. Do you already have a working knowledge of CorrectGM?

5. Are there specific questions about CorrectGM that you want to ensure are covered during this presentation?

Thank you, all. I look forward to our meeting next week.

Best regards,
Janice Faurie
Co-Chair, SCMug

Lead Gift Entry Processor
Texas State University