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How to get maximum value from this forum

At Abila, we are happy to provide forums as a resource to you. Here are some tips for how to get as much value as possible from them.


If you would like to search forum messages to see if anyone else already had the same question you do, just enter some keywords in the search box in the upper-right corner of the web page and press Enter (or click the button). This search box is available on all web pages within the Abila website.


You may email subscribe to individual topics or email subscribe to all topics.

Here’s how to subscribe to multiple forums at once:

  • Go to the main forum page and look for the hyperlink underneath each forum name called "Subscribe to this forum"
  • Click the "Subscribe" hyperlink.
  • Repeat for any forum you may be interested in.

Here’s how to subscribe specific topic:

  • Open the topic you are interested in
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the post and in the footer you should see "Subscribe to this thread" hyperlink
  • Click on the hyperlink.
  • Repeat for any topic you may be interested in.


Feel free to reach out for assistance or to share solutions, ideas, and best practices. You may post new topics or comment on others’ topics. This can be done from the web site or from email.

To post from the web site – Navigate to the desired forum and click the “New topic” bottom. To comment on an existing topic, open the message and type your response in the Reply box at the bottom of the page.

To post from email

    For new topics in this forum, send a new email to  Millennium.forums@abila.com

•    To comment on an existing topic from email, you must be email subscribed to that topic (or to the entire forum). When you get the notification message after someone posts a new topic, click reply on the notification email. The email notification messages come from comments.forums@abila.com ; to prevent forum email from being classified as spam, be sure to allow that email address through any spam filters you or your organization may have set up.

NOTE: When posting new topics or comments from email, we recommend sending the email in Plain Text or Rich Text format (not HTML format). This will help minimize any formatting issues.