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How to prevent overpayment on a pledge

Just heard from a disgruntled donor who received a pledge reminder because her fifth and final annual payment had been applied to a more recent paid-in-full potential (from a phonathon) instead of the open pledge she made five years ago. The potential was ten times smaller than the amount of her payment and already had a $0 balance, so I had to test to see how/if this could happen, and it can. Of course, there was other giving detail between the two transactions which prevented the gift entry operator from seeing the older/correct open pledge.

We’re using Millennium v2014.1 and there is no warning when a pledge payment is about to be applied to a pledge that already has a $0 balance. I searched both KB and the Forums and did not find anything on this exact topic (although I have trouble searching Forum and look forward to trying the new platform next month).

Does anyone know if the most recent version of Millennium issues a warning in this situation? If not, I would appreciate hearing about what other sites have implemented to reduce the chances of this happening.

Hoping the solution is "as simple as" installing the latest version....

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Carolyn Lynch
How to prevent overpayment on a pledge

Hi, Kristine.  I don't think there is any warning.  I believe there was an enhancement request in the past for the ability to allow or disallow overpayment as a site option -- seems some sites want to allow it and some don't.  I don't recall hearing anything since then. 

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