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Janet Mays-Mont...
HR Processes for Employee Evaluations

Is there a way to utilize the HR Processes and notifications to alert Managers that employee evaluations are due?  And then to get feedback to HR staff when the evaluations has been completed?  We are looking for a way to automate the notification process on our performance evaluations and have some assurance that they are being completed timely.  I searched for KB articles but could not locate anything on this topic.  Any suggestions?

Michael Golub
HR Processes for Employee Evaluations

Indeed, you can use Processes for this.  There are pretty good instructions for setting these up in either the Help screens or on-line manuals.  When you set up the step, such as Schedule Evaluation, be sure to check the Web Approval box if you want these to be done in EWS, then the box for the level of approval you want.  Check Send Email and the address of the recipient.  You'll also need to set up HR Notifications which handles the actual e-mail send process.

Matthew Gorman


Curious about the Processes module (which we don't have) and the Employee Evaluations...   Is this process of using Processes for evals web based, such as is the EWS product ?   Also, does this tie in natively with HRMgt/EWS? to handle/setup up routing of employee review results to reviewing supervisor etc?

If someone could push me to some docs on how this modeule does evals, I would appreciate it!


-Matt G.