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IIS Restrictions vs. doing business

I have been out of the loop for a while and am just now getting into Millennium Reporter and its reliance on the IIS server.

I have a bit of a political problem concerning IT restrictions for the IIS server and was wondering if anyone has solved these issues. Since the IIS has sensitive systems data on it, the Advancement programmers/report writers were originally blocked from it completely. We have fought our way to get a view to the Templates to design Crystal Formats. Next, we will be needing access to the Export folder for excel output from MR. IT says that they will give access to only 3 of our technical people for the excel access. Users are going to be running excel reports and will need to have access to them without going through someone else. I can imagine a job that could copy/delete any excel reports every 15 minutes to another disk that is not restricted. Does that make sense? Better solution?

Also, Millennium does not seem to have a utility to mail reports as an attachment without user intervention. Am I missing it, or is there an add on utility that we can get to do that. Need that ability.

Don Nickelson
Bentley University