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Elise Kimura Tittle
Importance of Capturing Constituents Included in Mailing

1.  How important is it to your organization to capture the constituents included in your annual fund drive?

2.  If it is important, where do you record this? Attribute, Mail Code, Other

3.  How/What do you run to get this information?

We used to just send to all of our alumnae, however, with the cost of printing, and ever rising postal costs, non-donors, etc we would like to be able to have a good accounting of our efforts.

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Sean Vincent
RE: New topic in Abila Community

We use Correspondence rows to track either individual constituents, or for some mailings households, that receive each of our mailings – solicitations, alumni magazine, electronic newsletter, and  event invitation mailings.  We use the “Add Correspondence” feature to add the data to all recipients based on that saved workfile we generate when we run the mailing list.  Specific responses received are tracked in the associated Correspondence rows. 


Sean Vincent

University of Puget Sound


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