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importing updated address, phone and email into existing records

We are attempting to import updated address, phone number and email into existing records. The phone number we collected is cell and we do not want to overwrite home phone and business phone.
Data file for import was generated from an online form, saved as csv file and includes Constituent ID number, name (collected in a format that we will not import), address 1, address 2, city, state, country, area code 3, phone 3, cell (which we concatenated from area code + phone), comments
We chose to update existing card, mapped the ID number to the basic card, the address info including email and phone to the address card. Comments were mapped to a specific note card we set as default. We had also tried, mapping the address info to the basic card)
We have not been successful except for importing the notes. On one attempt, (we had used replace the card) the cell numbers came over, but the home and business numbers and email were blank.
Must be a simple answer, no idea what it is.
Thanks for any help.