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Kathy Sanley
Issues with Millennium Report Queues

Just today we started having problems with items hanging in our report queues.  Some reports work, but some do not.  So far, we have found this to be the only issue.  We have tried several reboots, to no avail.  If a report hangs, it hangs for everyone, and if it works OK, it works for everyone.  We actually have two separate reporting queues on two separate virtual servers, one that we normally use for all our normal daily reports and one that we use for scheduled reports.  If a report doesn't work, it doesn't work in either reporting queue.

The symptoms that we have are that we can go through the steps to run a report to the point where the final submit occurs, and a that point everything just hangs.  The Millennium screen hangs, the browser hangs, and the report submission hangs.  The report never shows up in the reporting queue.

At this point, we think it might be a Java and/or browser issue, but cannot definitively say yes or no to that being the issue.  Java update 7.51 came out a couple of months ago, and we have been running on it just fine until now.  Firefox pushed out 28, but that was a couple of days ago, and things have been working up until today.  The problem occurs in IE as well as Firefox.

We are currently trying to figure out how to roll back to a previous version of Firefox.  We are on Millennium 7.8.4, and I realize that the current Firefox, IE, and Java are not supported, but we have been able to keep them working together until just this morning.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues or have you experienced them in the past and solved the problem?



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