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Amanda Grantham
Logging In... Organization Dropdown is Empty

We recently upgraded our MIP Fund Accounting and somehow in the process, we lost the remembered default organization. In fact the Select Organization box is totally empty and you have to manually type the organization every. single. time. 

Has anyone else encountered this? And if so, how did you fix it?

Thanks in advance for your response!

Bruce Breeding
Have you logged out

Have you logged out completely and logged back in?

We typically experience the absence of our DB name in that input area ourselves.  However, once we enter the name (really it's the name of the Database I believe), log in successfully, and log out, then the next time "it's there".  I would experiment.  Also I believe it works the same way for other DB's you might have such as a backup DB or the training DB.


If this does NOT work for you, that I would find interesting.

Bruce Breeding

Amanda Grantham
Turns out you can't have an

Turns out you can't have an "offline" database on the server. As soon as my DBAs deleted the culprit, my Org dropdown worked once again!