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Koby Myer
Looking for help


I am a new Abila user and would love to talk with anyone who is a long time expert who could help me with some questions.  We would love to find someone who actually uses the software and knows the functions. I would appreciate any insight or help. Thanks!



Amanda LaPlante
Hello Koby,

Hello Koby,

I have been using MIP Fund Accounting for seven years now with three different entities, so maybe I could help?  What are your questions?

Joanne Hollen
Password Reset

Hi -

I have a temp employee who has returned and cannot remember her password. I would expect that as the Administrator, I could reset her password but I don't see that as an option anywhere.  It seems kind of silly that an Administrator can't reset someone's password so I must be missing something; can anyone give me some direction?  Thanks!


Laura Maddalone

Under Security->Maintain Users_> there is 'button' to select to 'Change Password' when you call up that user's record.



Password Reset


The only way that I've ever been able to reset a password that an employee forgot is to sign in with the ADMIN login.  My own login info has full access to system settings, but I can't reset the password in these situations unless I sign in that way.  It's kind of a pain to sign out and back in, but it works.