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Mobile Cause and iModules Demos?
Good monday, all SCMUG members! There is an offer on the table for our meeting -- "Mobile Cause (http://www.mobilecause.com/ ) and iModules (http://www.imodules.com/s/1333/home.aspx )have offered to send representatives to the regional MUG meetings." I need 1 vote per organization, please: 1. Mobile Cause 2. iModules 3. Both 4. Neither Please let Shannon or me know by COB FRI Feb 15 2013. Many thanks, and have a great week! --J ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Janice E. Faurie, Co-Chair SCMug and Lead Gift Entry Processor for Advancement Information Services VP for University Advancement Texas State University Janice.faurie@txstate.edu 512-245-7872

I vote for

I vote for both!


Sherri Desormeaux

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Peggy Dolter
Re: Mobile Cause and iModules Demos?
Janice and Shannon and everyone else,
Mobile Cause just doesn't look like something my school would be interested in.  We don't want a bunch of $10 gifts; some of those people might have given $100 last year so why should we settle for $10?
IModules, maybe.  For our online directory we use Whipple Hill, but I'm open to hearing what iModules has to say, in particular regarding alumni directory, parent/student directory, volunteer management, e-mailing, social networking integration, and whether Mill and iModules play nicely together.  Hey, whatever happened to Mill having an online directory component -- is that still in existence and in use by anyone?
Peggy Dolter / John Burroughs School / St. Louis, Missouri