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April Jensen
MUG West Co Chairs

Hi Everyone!  I feel like it's been a long time since we've seen any of you.  I didn't attend Sage Summit last year and feel like I've lost contact with everyone.  Colleen and I will be attending the conference this year along with our new report writer Tyler.  We are excited to see everyone and hear how you're all doing.

As I understand it, we do not have an active MUG West group currently.  With the conference coming up and the networking opportunities available there I'd really like to get our MUG West group up and running again.  So as pretentious as this is, I'd like to volunteer to be one of the current Co-Chairs for the MUG West group unless there are objections.  With that being said we need another co-chair so is there anyone willing to volunteer? 

I'm assuming this post will be monitored by the Sage staff, so Jill or whoever reads this I hope this is ok.

Once we have another co-chair we will work on getting information out to everyone about where and when we will get together at the conference and start getting the communication going again for this group.  It's too valuable to let die.

Let me know what you all think!!

April Jensen


Becky Kennedy
RE: MUG West Co Chairs

Go April!!  I can be the other co-chair, but am happy to let anyone else do it.  I am not able to attend the conference this year, so that may be a reason for someone else to do it.



Becky Kennedy '96 | Director of Advancement Services | Whitman College | (509) 522-4413


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Sean Vincent
RE: MUG West Co Chairs


Thank you for volunteering.  I agree, we need to reactivate the MUG West group.  I would be happy to help out, but I don’t believe I’m actually “allowed” to be a co-chair under our current MUG structure, since I’ve never been replaced as the “national MUG co-chair.” 

On that note, our other national co-chair, Trisha, has changed employers and no longer works at a site that uses Millennium.  I hope to get a conversation started at the conference regarding how the “national” side of the MUGs should be structured as we move forward.  Most of the reasons we originally set forth were related to enhancement voting, which no longer apply.


Sean Vincent
Millennium 7.9.1, Oracle 11g

Sean Vincent

April Jensen
RE: MUG West Co Chairs

Hi everyone, I was able to get some things straightened out and found out that Chris Yoder has been a Co-Chair for some time now and has told me to go forward as a Co-Chair replacing him.  Thanks Chris for everything you’ve done!  I know we usually vote on these assignments so does anyone object to me being the other co-chair?  You can vote me out next year!  And thanks for Becky for volunteering as the other co-chair since according to Jill and the records at Sage she already is the other co-chair!  You’re awesome Becky! 


Sean sounds like you have your hands full at the National MUG level, let us know how that turns out.  If I could give my two cents about the National MUG  co-chairs, I think it would be great to have someone at that level feeding the other MUG groups insights and information directly from Sage.  Maybe it’s just because we’ve been turned upside down here but I feel really disconnected to what’s happening with Millennium and the direction Sage is going with the product.  The conference will definitely help, but I think periodic updates from the Nat MUG could be useful.


Anyway – Becky won’t be at the conference this year but I’d like to start talking with those who are going and make sure we know who all of our MUG West users are.  Jill do you have a list of all of the MUG West users with a contact name and email address?  I’d like to email them and tell them to join the forum so we can start communicating.  Jill do you know when they have allotted time for the MUG groups to meet during the conference?


So who on the forum is going to the conference????


April Barker Jensen

Utah State University

Director of Advancement Services

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Rick Rossland
RE: MUG West Co Chairs

I’ll be there.


Rick Rossland | Systems Coordinator | Lakeside School | 206-440-2943

14050 1st Avenue NE | Seattle, WA 98125-3099 | www.LakesideSchool.org


Glenn Blackshear
RE: MUG West Co Chairs

April, thanks for taking on the task.  Chris, thanks for your several years of service.


I will be at Summit this year, but I’ll pay for it when I get back home.  I’m running in negative time availability these days.


Glenn Blackshear, MCITP, MCDBA, MCSA, MCSE

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Rudy Perez
Hi April,  Will attend

Hi April,

 Will attend the summit this year.

Rudy Perez,  Scripps Health Foundation, San Diego, Ca