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Sean Vincent
MUG West Spring Conference


 Thank you for posting here.  For some reason I hadn’t “e-mail subscribed” to the MUG West Forum.  I’ve now corrected that oversight, but I also don’t see your post on the MUG West forum.

 At any rate, I agree it appears we’re going to have to be “gathering” in either late April or early May.  I assume a phone conference will be easier in these tight budgetary times (at least for those of us who would have to travel from the great white north like Cheney, Tacoma, and Walla Walla, Washington).

 We’re trying to do more with our online community and thus I’m doing more to try to connect and automate (where possible) the exchange of data between Millennium and outside tools, so I would appreciate hearing about how other sites are approaching or accomplishing this sort of thing.

 We’re testing 7.9 now, and I wouldn’t mind hearing from anyone else who is testing or perhaps has already converted to 7.9.

 That’s my $0.02 worth at this point.

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 I posted the following to the MUGWest RSS feed-based board at Sage, but saw no answers. Do we have any feedback here? Did anybody see it?

Note: Guillermo is rotating off as co-chair, so if anybody is interested please contact him or me.

1) Any suggestions as to when we should do it? (At this point we're at least into May.)

2) Is there anybody out there that wants to host a 'regional' gathering for the MUG West conference, or should we all just do it by phone? (All you need is a conference room, a projector, a decent speakerphone and a close-by place to go grab lunch. :-) ) If so, please respond and let folks know.

3) Do we have any volunteers to do a presentation? (If you are going to Sage Summit and will be presenting, this is a great venue to practice at! :-) )

4) Does anybody have a burning desire for a specific presentation? (Other than the standard 'Millennium Update'.)

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Sean Vincent
University of Puget Sound
Work: 253-879-2662
Cell: 360-402-9996

Current Configuration: Millennium 7.8.4, Oracle 10g, IIS = Windows Server 2003, Virtual Report Queue

April Jensen
Chris and others –   May

Chris and others –  

May would be a great time for us to have a MUGWestmeeting.  We would be really interested to hear from Sage on 8.0.  Wewill be a host; we would love anyone who wants to come visit us, but you alllive too far away and no one would show up.  But the offer is open ifanyone can convince their site to send them to Logan Utah!


I’m not sure we have anything really great to present on thisyear.  Our main focus has been VA, but we have monthly meetings with otherMillennium VA users to talk about what we’re doing, etc. and that is a goodvenue to talk about VA.


Some of the things we’re looking at if anyone has done somegreat things with that would want to present is: using circles, using the phonetable instead of the address field for phone numbers, redoing communicationrestrictions using Paula’s model, using the new features in My Prospects andtracking other types of media (You tube videos, Skype address, FB addresses,etc.).


Chris let us know what we can do to help!




April Barker Jensen

Director of Advancement Services

1420 Old Main Hill

Logan, UT 84322-1420



We would be happy to

We would be happy to participate in a MUG West phone call.  May is a fine time for us.  (We would also be happy to host but doubt that everyone could fly to Colorado Springs.)

I could present what we have done with QlikView.  We purchased VA licenses but then ported the applications directly to our QlikView server as it is QV10 and VA expects QV8.  We did not want to run two versions of QV so just ported the application. So, I'm not sure Sage really would like me to tell you about that but it is working well for us and their work on the application has been a great leverage to get us up and running.

Other items I would love to hear from other sites about are:

mobile app for Millennium - who is using it and what phones seem to work well

security and access from off-site into Millennim - how are other sites handleing this and what seems to work the best

what April mentioned about circles, phonetable, new features of My Prospects (what do you mean by Paula's model on communication restrictions?)

what Glenn brought up about the enhancement process would be great to learn from Sage




What happened to this plan?

What happened to this plan? Not enough response?  I am still interested.  We moved to 7.9 SQL on a new server with SQL 2008 R2.  We are experiencing an issue with groups/roles which Sage is hopefully working on.


Becky Kennedy
We would be willing to
We would be willing to present Visual Analyzer and a web call report form that we recently implemented.  Also, I am willing to serve as a co-chair for MugWest.  For timing, we are pretty flexible.  Let me know how I can help.  Thanks.