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Sonia Thimmesch
Multiple Organizations

Can anyone tell me how many organizations can be added to MIP?  We are assuming some reponsibilities of another non-profit and would like to set up a completely separate organization within our software.  Is this possible? 

Laura Maddalone
Multiple Organizations

We also have another entity that we keep a completely separate set of financials for.  It is possible to have more than one company set up - same accounting functions, just a different company to select in the 'open' dropdown.  Not sure if there is a limit number or not - never had to try it.


Matthew Gorman
The creation of additional

The creation of additional organizations is possible through permissions granted in the 'Setup System Menus' --> File ---> New Organization.

If a user/admin has process, they can create a new org, which will create a new/separate physical database on the sql server (assuming you're on prem install).

I think the max number of Orgs is five, which don't include the sample DBs (e.g. NTO, is not included in this max orgs restriction)  

If you've found that sample DBs and the like have accidently maxed out your allowance, call support and they will walk you through the fix.  Basically there is a place that logs your registered orgs, and you'll need to remove some before proceeding with the creation of a new org.

Tip?  if your additional/temp orgs are all of the same basic structure, then create a new one, then back it up and save it somewhere... then when making new ones you'll not need to go through the steps (drudgery!) of recreating your account codes/security groups/roles/email settings etc etc...  and can then reattach a copy of the template DB using a new Guid (last part very very important - else you hose up your security when you make changes moving fwd.)

Good luck!