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Peggy Dolter
Need a headcount for the meeting

Hello SCMUG members,

Janice and I need a more up-to-date count of how many people will be at our MUG meeting next week in Austin.  Please send me a note:


and let me know all the names of the people from your institution who will be in attendance.

It would be nice to mention, also, whether you're commuting into Austin each day, or whether you're staying at the Fairfield Inn & Suites, or staying elsewhere....  and whether you will be part of a large group of us going out for dinner and drinks on Thursday evening....?


Peggy Dolter, Co-Chair


JoAnne Herrington
RE: Need a headcount for the meeting



Count me for the MUG meeting.  I am staying at the Fairfield Inn and would love to be part of the dinner on Thursday evening.




JoAnne Herrington

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston