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Amanda LaPlante
Offset Account Assignments

Hello all, 

I very recently converted from Quickbooks to MIP at the small community foundation I work for.  We have dozens of funds, and multiple donor advised funds, fiscal sponsorships, and field of interest funds.  We have three main fundraisers per year.  I am perplexed on how to set up the Offset Account Assignments and I can't cut any checks until I do!!!  Please help!  Below is a couple screen shots.  It is my understanding that all expenses in a nonprofit are unrestricted...so for those of you are using MIP to manage multiple funds, can you please tell me which one is correct.  

Never mind, this forum won't let me insert screen images :(  Would anyone mind discussion over email?  My email address is amanda@rlacf.org  

If you would, please send me your account offset assignments!!!

Thanks in advance!  I really need to pay bills SOON.





Claudine Martin
Offset Account Assignments

Hello Amanda –

These questions would most likely need to be addressed in a Support Case with our support team as offsets have to be  set up to cut checks.  I have logged a case for you and I will have a support agent contact you as soon as possible.



Kind Regards,


Claudine R. Martin

Customer Support Coordinator, Abila Customer Support