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Omitting Gifts that are Pledge Payments

Hello Everyone,

 I am trying to create a report for one of our users that omits some gifts that are used as payments on pledges made by someone else.

For Example:

Say Mr. Smith has made a Pledge for $10,000 and  Smith Family Foundation makes a gift of $2000 which is entered on the Foundation end as a Gift on Behalf of Mr. Smith but occurs as a credit transaction (Payment) on Mr. Smith's $10,000 pledge.

I have been unable to remove these kind of gifts from our Monthly Fundraising Report.

Do you all do reporting of such sorts and how do you remove these kinds of transactions?

Appreciate your help.Thanks in Advance

Mallika Gopinath

Medical College of Wisconsin 

We are on Millennium 7.72,Crystal Report  9 and Oracle on Windows Server 2003.



Rudy Perez
Have you had any success on

Have you had any success on this?  We have a similar scenario where Mr. James has his individual record and also has The Doctor as his foundation record.  The donation is done by the foundation and a credit is applied to Mr. James.

 We use the solicitation code as a means of excluding these types of credits from our reports.  We assign an X-payor solicitation on the foundation record and the actual solicitation code on Mr. James. This will avoid having the gift from showing up twice on any report.  You could probably do it in reverse order or in some similar fashion.  Hope this gives a bit of light to your logic.

Thanks Rudy. We ended up

Thanks Rudy. We ended up using a Custom field and everytime there is a gift like this, the Gift Processor put in this custom field to indicate that it is a gift which is a payment on a pledge. I use this field to double-check in Crystal and remove such gifts.


Elise Kimura Tittle
I saw this and was having
I saw this and was having the same thing on my reports and we didn't want another field to have added to gift entry so I used the select expert in Crystal to remove pledge payments (y) Seems like if you specify gift types it should only give you those.