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Lindsey Anderson
Only one solicitation a year

Has anyone come up with a creative way to flag a constituent to only receive one solicitation a year?  We send out multiple, and rec'd a note today from a gentleman who only wants to receive one a year.  

I was thinking about flagging his record with a colored dot and then excluding that color in every solicitation except end of year ask. We would just have to remember to do that on our end.

Any other ideas or ways to do it?



Wendy Baytan
Only one solicitation a year

We use the Attribute Card to segment our lists.  This makes it very easy and prevents duplicates.  

Pull up Table Maintenance and go into Attribute Category then create a new category labeld "Solicitations"  and make the Type "Multiple Values from Table". 

Then pull up Attribute Value and click on Solicitations then New and create the Values.  For example, we use Year End/Holiday Appeal, Spring Appeal, Runner/Walker (we have a 5K and fun walk event), Gala Sponsor, etc.

Each constituant can have more than one value, say for example a constituant can be designated to the Holiday Appeal and as a Runner/Walker.   

For the constituant who only wants to be solicited once, make sure under the Attribute Card in the Solicitations Category they are only have one Value which would be the campaign you would be soliciting them for.