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Carolyn Lynch
Planned Giving

Hi, all.  Users are wanting to know how others are tracking planned gifts in Millennium.  They have used the planned gift table in the past mainly for keeping track of planned gifts that weren't far enough along to document in the gifts table.  Bequest expectancies are recorded as expectancy transactions in the gifts table.  Trusts (where we are irrevocably named as beneficiary) are recorded as gift transactions with a custom field to denote the type of trust.  The problem with the trust gifts is that they don't always know when the money has been received after the donor dies.  I think they're looking for a way to track a full circle/start to finish.  They have started looking at other software (PG Calc offers Bequest Manager and Gift Wrap) but of course it would be better if they could use Millennium, keep everything integrated.

If any of you are happy with your way of tracking planned gifts full circle in Millennium, it would be sooo appreciated if you would be willing to share the love :-).   Abila - if you know of solutions that work well, please chime in.


Carolyn Lynch, clynch@wakehealth.edu, 336.716.2989