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Planning for the SMUG meeting 2012!
Hello SMUG folks!


Cindy and I are giving the first shout-out as we begin planning for the next SMUG meeting sometime this spring. 



We’re looking for a site to host!  If you’re interested, please let us know.

What’s involved in that, you ask?  For the most part the hosting organization provides a space for meeting, ideally, a space with wireless internet and phone connections.  It is especially nice if the space has the equipment for projecting Millennium so everyone can see.  Attendance numbers are a big question mark right now but I would guess around 20 people?  The meetings normally last more than one day but not more than two. The host usually provides a list of recommended hotels attendees might consider staying in and they act as reference for questions like “is it better to take a shuttle, metro or cab from the airport”, or “where do we park when we come to the meeting”.  In the past hosting institutions have provided basic refreshments during the meeting and lunch is sometimes arranged to be brought in.  If a host can absorb those costs, that’s great, but a host should not feel they must absorb this cost.  Last year we discussed that we should encourage hosting institutions to have a charge of some sort to cover refreshments and lunch – if it is brought in.  As for dinner, the cost of that is always covered by each person individually.  The only responsibility of the host might be to suggest a place we could all go to and arrange for a reservation to be made. 


A major advantage of hosting is that all of your Millennium staff would be available to attend the meeting and take advantage of the imported expertise. 



Obviously, the hosting site will have a major vote in when the meeting will happen but if your site – hosting or not -  has requests or requirements on the dates please respond to the list.  We will also be working with the SAGE folks on when they might be able to attend. In the past the meetings have happened anywhere between mid-March to the end of April and have been a Thursday and ending sometime on a Friday afternoon. 



The meeting is pretty much up to us and we can design it any way we find meaningful.  In the past we’ve always had a representative from Sage there to bring us up-to-date on the latest version due out (likely this will be Millennium 8.0!), to discuss other changes/advancements happening with Millennium as well as review with us our enhancement requests in the areas of Millennium where Sage is focused mostly on now. 


We will send this notice of the upcoming SMUG meeting through as many different listservs and forums we can to make sure we’re contacting as many people as possible.  But please feel free to reach out directly with any person or site you know of in the south who might not be on one of our mass communication avenues. 


And quickly, an extra plug – if you can’t attend the SMUG meeting remember Sage Summit 2012 is August 14-17 at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN.


We look forward to hearing from you.


Your SMUG co-chairs

Eric Crowden, ecrowde@uky.edu

Cindy Koch, ckoch@wakehealth.edu