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Roch Kelly
Pledge Payment Schedule - multiple allocations

Hi all:

A late Friday posting, but hopefully I get some feedback.  For projections purposes, I have created a pledges receivable report that looks out over the next few FYs based on the payment schedules of our open pledges.  This report works fine for those pledges with one allocation.  However, it gets tricky if there is more than one allocation, and that allocation is split over UNRESTRICTED vs RESTRICTED purposes.  In other words, I have no problem saying that "In FY18, we are expecting $x in pledge payments" but I hit an issue if I need to say "In FY18, we are expecting $x in unrestricted pledge payments, and $y in restricted pledge payments."  I can manually work this out for multi-allocation pledges, but would rather not if it can come right out of MILL.

Has anyone had the same challenge, and if so, can you share how you addressed it (in MILL or not)?  Maybe I need to be one a different track?

Thanks in advance.

Carolyn Lynch
Pledge Payment Schedule - multiple allocations

Hi, Roch.  Very tricky indeed. We have just a few muliple allocation pledges and they cause me problems in yearly pledge reporting so that I review them closely and manually adjust if needed.  Sorry, this is not very helpful :-(

Carolyn Lynch, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, clynch@wakehealth.edu