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Poll RE: Batch Control - Gift and Dues Batches

Hello, all,

I'm wondering if any of your organizations actually close out your gift and dues batches in the Batch Control module?

Texas State does not do this at this time, and this leaves all of our batch numbers in an "Open" status. 

Does it matter? Pros? Cons?

Thanks very much,

Peggy Dolter
Re: Poll RE: Batch Control - Gift and Dues Batches

Are you sitting down?  We don't use batches at all!  I guess the closest thing to a batch here is sharing a common effective date.
Peggy DolterJohn Burroughs School St. Louis, Missouri

Thanks, Peggy! Good info to

Thanks, Peggy! Good info to know.


Elise Kimura Tittle
RE: Poll RE: Batch Control - Gift and Dues Batches

We close our batches.  The pro is that you don’t have a whole bunch of numbers to choose from when entering, but if you set your default that doesn’t matter anyway.  The biggest con is that if you have a donor change their mind and the batch is closed you need to reopen it.  Which brings to question, How many change their received gifts after it has been deposited and recorded because the donor decides later on that they want it to go somewhere else? How far back in time do you go back?


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Hi, Elise,

You honed right in on where I was going with this question. When I go to enter my batch totals, I can query for the batch number, and that is the only batch number that will appear in the detail. I then update the batch number detail screen with the appropriate information and click Update. The problem for me is that, after clicking Update, Millennium populates the batch number detail with every single batch number row. Does that make sense?

Now, to answer your question -- we do change gifts if donors request that we do so. We do not do this all that often -- maybe 2 or 3 every quarter -- but we will do it. Time is not a factor for this, either. As our business rules evolve, so does our data entry. And sometimes gifts are re-entered, not because of any request that the donor may make, but because Millennium has developed a new functionality, accounting rules have changed, etc. My gift entry instructions for re-entry of any transaction is a) document the change in the Comments field of the new transaction; and b) document the hard copies of the batch. If the batch has been archived and gift entry no longer has access to it, we then have a repository for "old batch" changes. I create a note to file; reprint the batch proof; and file it by fiscal year. 

That, of course, does not include my own "electronic documentation" file that I keep on everything entered for gifts.

Oh! "Old batches" are usually 3+ years old here.  And, if truly critical, I could probably access batches older than that. I've only had to search for one batch in my almost 4 years here and that was a very critical situation.

 Anyone else? I'd love to get some more feedback.

Thanks so much, Elise!



We use batches for all of

We use batches for all of our giving.  The batch must be closed in order for gifts to be eligible for our general ledger interface jobs.  Basically, we 'impose' the batch close rule through various jobs and reporting. 

Closing batches is good practice for us, especially when it comes to adjusting gifts.  Once the batch is closed, a gift can't be edited except through a journal or journal/correct transactions and this provides good audit.


Nancy Penner

MD Anderson Cancer Center 


This is great info, Nancy.

This is great info, Nancy. Thank you so much for sharing!