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Peggy Dolter
Prospects and Relationships

Hi! I'm looking for some advice on how to set this up. 

We want to continue using the Relations screen to link a prospect manager to their prospects -- then you can open Relations, apply a filter, and they're all there.  And  a PM can open Favorites > Prospects > My Prospects and see their list there, as well, and my boss likes that.  So far, so good! 

Now we also want to note which of the prospects are "top ten" or "top twenty" or whatever.  It only makes sense that the Relations screen is the screen to use for this, too.  If you have organized it this way at your site, which field on the Relations screen do you use?  The prospects are constituents, so it cannot be the status field.  And this information has to appear on the prospect's record, not just the PM's, so it cannot be one of the custom fields.  (It has to appear in the prospect too, or else we won't be able to filter by it in Favorites > Prospects > My Prospects.)

So which field DO you use?

Do we have to start using a more complicated system of possible relationships, where the "top ten" or "top twenty" sort of information is included right in the relationship type?

Please help me figure this out.

We are using Mill 2016.1.2, I'm pleased to say.

Thank you!

Peggy Dolter / John Burroughs School / St. Louis, Missouri / mdolter@jburroughs.org

Sean Vincent
Re: Prospects and Relationships

Regarding Peggy Dolter's question on tracking "top ten" or similar prospects:

At the Unviersity of Puget Sound we chose to track this information on the Tracking screen (Donor table) rather than to make it part of the relationship. We use one of the custom lookup tables in Tracking (DonorLook1) to allow our major gift officers to select/track if a propspect is one of the following:
Tier 1
Tier 1 (Solicit in Progress)
Tier 2
Tier 3

This allows us to select the top prospects easily for reporting but also, and more importantly for our fundraising staff, allows them to filter on this field when viewing "My Prospects" under "Favorites."

Sean Vincent
University of Puget Sound

Peggy Dolter
Re: Prospects and Relationships

Thank you to both Sean and Kristine!  We're going to set it up this way:

In the relationship between a Prospect Manager and Prospect, on the Prospect's side we use the field "rellook2" (from our custom lookup table Relation Lookup2) and choose Top 10 or whatever it might be.  I had wanted this to be a field available on both the PM's record and the Prospect's record (without entering it twice) but it doesn't work that way.

Then on the Prospect's Tracking screen (Donor table) we are using "donrlook1" from our custom lookup table Donor Lookup1.  This is based on what Sean wrote.  I am calling that field "Stage" and the choices are Cultivation, Stewardship, etc.

Both of these fields "rellook2" and "donrlook1" are available in Favorites -> Prospects -> My Prospects.

Kristine, I want to mention that if a prospect dies, their name in My Prospects is still displayed but with "Deceased" next to it; I just tested that to see how it works.

Thanks and have a good day,

Peggy Dolter / John Burroughs School / St. Louis, MO / mdolter@jburroughs.org


Prospects and Relationships

I relabeled the relationship screen's Donor Flag (reldnrflag) “Top 25?” The Development Officer sets it on the relationship and then can sort or filter on it in My Prospects. (I sued that flield (as I remember) rather than one of the Custom Lookups or other fields because it was available in the cutomization of the filters/headers in My Prospects.