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Sean Vincent
RE: Couldn't find help on Sage's site on Donors increasing Pledge

While it’s not ideal, we tend to follow a similar process to the one you described.  We provide our donors with pledge reminders that indicate the total amount pledged, amount paid-to-date, and amount currently due.   When a donor who has a multi-year commitment changes their pledge amount or payment schedule, then in order for the data on these pledge statements (reminders) to calculate accurately, we occasionally have to write-off and re-enter the multi-year commitment. 


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Greetings sean_vincent,

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What do you do when a donor has made an $800 pledge, paying annually $150 and on their third payment says they want to increase their pledge to $1,000 and pay $200 a year?

Initially, if they had several payments we would write another pledge for the difference, but when they received notices some complained that the whole pledge was $1,000 not $800 and $200.  So I had gone to entering the $1,000 pledge, write off the old balance on the old pledge with the comment of a new pledge and then write off that  (the amount paid on the first pledge) off the new pledge.  OR, I would write off everything on the old and reapply them to the new.

Although it is nice to have donors increase their pledges it's a lot of work for me to get them so everyone is happy. I'd really appreciate what any one has to say or tell me how we should be doing this.  I couldn't find any help through SAGE 



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Elise Kimura Tittle
Thanks for your input. What

Thanks for your input. What version are you on? We are on 7.8.4

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Elise Kimura Tittle
Thanks for your input. Too
Thanks for your input. Too bad you just confirmed what we do, I was hoping for a better solution.