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Sean Vincent
RE: Crystal 10 and Mill 7.8.4 and Windows 7

Not that I recall. We’re on Mil. 7.9.1 with Crystal 10 and Windows 7.  It’s been a while since we were on 7.8.anything, but I don’t recall having any compatibility issues.  There was one time period when we had to disable the next-generation Java plug-in option in order for some of the Java functionality to work properly, but that is the only work-around I recall.

Sean Vincent
Millennium 7.9.1, Oracle 11g

Sean Vincent
University of Puget Sound

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Elise Kimura Tittle
Thanks Sean, Our computer
Thanks Sean, Our computer guy figured that out after a while. Since we don't do the listserve it's hard to remember to log on here being it's so hard to get to. Thanks again for your time.