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Sean Vincent
RE: MUG West Spring conference?

I see Chris’ post from April 4 and my response from April 5 on the MUG West forum page, but don’t seen any other activity on that forum.  I’m including both the Sage MUG West site and the Yahoo MUGWest site on this response as a test.



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I haven’t seen anything show up in the MUGWest RSS since 1/14/2011.


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I posted the following to the MUGWest RSS feed-based board at Sage, but saw no answers. Do we have any feedback here? Did anybody see it?

Note: Guillermo is rotating off as co-chair, so if anybody is interested please contact him or me.


1) Any suggestions as to when we should do it? (At this point we're at least into May.)

2) Is there anybody out there that wants to host a 'regional' gathering for the MUG West conference, or should we all just do it by phone? (All you need is a conference room, a projector, a decent speakerphone and a close-by place to go grab lunch. :-) ) If so, please respond and let folks know.

3) Do we have any volunteers to do a presentation? (If you are going to Sage Summit and will be presenting, this is a great venue to practice at! :-) )

4) Does anybody have a burning desire for a specific presentation? (Other than the standard 'Millennium Update'.)

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