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Cindy Wildes
Reports missing information in View

We are in Millennium 2013. Today I ran a biographical report requesting general information such as constituent name, address and phone numbers. The Que Management says 80 records are pulling, but only 19 show up in the PDF format. I even ran it as an export to Word and again 80 records were pulled according to Que Management and only 19 are in the report view. Has anyone else had this happen and what did you do to see all the records?
Thanks for any assistance.

Cindy Wildes
UJFT - Virginia Beach

Re: New topic in Abila Community

Is your key table - gifts?  Or something other than the corebio table that has a lot of rows?


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Cindy Wildes
RE: [Community | Abila] Reports missing information in View

Key table is generic linking to phone and email information.  We don’t need any gift info in this report.