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Running Home reports that have process date prompts

We had a request to run Weekly Gifts Processed on our Home Page Reports.  The only way that I can think of doing it is entering a formula in Crystal that would include process dates greater than 7 days ago (say run monday morning) and process date equal to Sunday (1 day ago).  and put it in the filter.

The only concern I have is that the IR query would pull everything since the process dates change week to week and there isn't a prompt for 7 days ago and no way to hard code in scheduled reporting.  I could refine it process date (hard Code) greater than the date I start, but then after a while the query will be pulling lots of data until I go in and hard edit again.

Anyway, just wondering how other have done it.  We are a small school and only used custom views that I created and no data marts.


Ted Van Patten
Middlesex School
SQL Server 2008
MiIlennium v2003.5