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Sue Russell
Selecting "new gifts and pledges" for a time period

Hi all,

This has been discussed before, so please excuse the duplication.  I need to produce a monthly list of New Gifts and Pledges (but not pledge payments) for a report that will be produced at the end of each month.  I can get all the new gifts and pledges (I am looking for hard credit only).  The problem is I want to exclude "on behalf of" gift transactions that were used to pay towards a pledge that was from a prior time period (that are actually pledge payments).  I.e., Rocky T.F. Squirell pledged $444,444 last year, but a payment just came in via the Bullwinkle Foundation.  It was recorded from Rocky's file, with the "giver id" being the Foundation.  But, on the foundation side, that is a "gift" transaction - not a payment transaction.  Anyone have a suggestion as to how to exclude foundation gifts that are actually payments?  But, I don't want to exclude on behalf of gifts that were not used as payments.

Susan Russell, St. George's School


Millennium 7.9 (but Millennium 2014 very very soon)