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Claudine Martin
Support resources

The community is a great resource when you need help, and by its very nature, answers and solutions posted here have the potential for helping many other users who may have the same question or issue.

Access to the community is just one of the many benefits of your Abila Maintenance & Support plan. Other support resources include the 24x7 knowledgebase (KB), web cases logged via the Support Center, and phone support.

We encourage you to check the KB first before contacting the support team. The Abila Customer Support team is dedicated to empowering you to find solutions at your fingertips, and you will benefit from industry-standard Knowledge-Centered Support best practices that focus on rapid creation and sharing of knowledge from our collective experiences.

Abila is focused on providing a superior customer experience by helping our customers better utilize and derive more value from their Abila solutions and services. For more information, be sure to check out the Support Resources web page.

Thank you for choosing Abila!