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Testing SMUG forum

Good morning all.  We're at the spring SMUG gathering here in Columbia, SC. 

 We're testing the SMUG forum to see that our members are receiving these notices. 

 Thank you for your patience.


Hey.. I got your message. 
Hey.. I got your message.  Did you get mine?
Robert Gibbons
I received the RSS feed, but
I received the RSS feed, but did not recieve the e-mail.
RSS subscriptiopns and

RSS subscriptiopns and email subscriptions are two separate things. You can subscribe to only the RSS feed, only email notifications, or both.

It sounds like you did not email subscribe. See the FAQ for info on how to email subscribe. You can find the FAQ in the "Community" menu on the website.

If you did email subscribe but are not getting the email, then be sure that @sagenpsforums.com is white-listed on your email server / spam filter. If that still doesn't help, check your profile to be sure the email address you registered with is correct.

Robert Gibbons
Oh yes, totally aware of

Oh yes, totally aware of the differences, and I am subscribed to both.  It just seems many of us are not getting consistent delivery of one/both/either method (thus the handful of 'test" post's as of late).


Shane Baker
Eric, I'm now setup on


I'm now setup on the forum.


Hello Cindy and Eric....This
Hello Cindy and Eric....This is a test.