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James Clavin
Tracking Households Guidance Requested

Does anyone have a good solution for tracking households in Millennium?

Peggy Dolter
Tracking Households Guidance Requested

James -

Do you mean that you want to mail just one piece to a household, even if several of your constituents live in that household?  That is a perennial problem for us too.  Or, do you mean something else?

Peggy Dolter / John Burroughs School / St. Louis, MO / mdolter@jburroughs.org


Michele Mercer
Tracking Households Guidance Requested

Not sure if this will work for your site but this is how we try to track our households and their giving entities, like foundations, donor advised funds and business they own in Millennium.

We decide which of the household members is the “primary” member and then enter that person’s Mill ID in the altid3 field in their basic data record and also in the altid3 field in the household members’ basic data records. Generally we setup the earliest record as the primary but we can manually override that if we decide that is not appropriate.   We run overnight scripts to find the family members and giving entities through relationships tracking records and ratings  and gift credits and update the altid3 fields if new information is added to the related constituent records.

I added the altid3 field to the search template and when you enter the primary’s id number in that field all the connected records will  be listed in the search results screen.  

We also use the altid3 field to find all the gifts from the connected profiles so we can get a total giving number as gift credits are not consistently entered at our site.

Initially we connected family members and giving entities through a field in the tracking record for our prospects on tracking so we could pull the total giving for the primary prospect, however, by using a field in Basic Data, this can be used for all of our constituents.

Please feel free to call or write if you would like to discuss this method with me.

Senior Director, Database Operations

Foundation Fighting Blindness
Columbia, MD 21046
(410) 423-0586 MMercer@FightBlindness.org