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Elise Kimura Tittle
Upgrade from 2012 to 2014

Has anyone gone from version 2012 to 2014 directly? Did you test 2013 before going on to 2014 or just go straight on to 2014? I've read a few problems with 2013, but believe they are fixed in 2014. (right?) Would like to hear of pros and cons.  It would be nice not needing to spend time testing 2013 and just go to 2014 and test it so we can be current within 2 weeks.

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Becky Kennedy
Re: New topic in Abila Community
We went from 7.9 to 2014.  We did have to run conv2013 during the upgrade process on a separate server that did not have 2014.  As far as testing, I just went through the release notes and fixed issues and tested in those areas in 2014 to make sure nothing broke and to learn about the new features.  
Becky Kennedy
Whitman College

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