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Carolyn Lynch
Urgent - Automatic emails for recurring payments

Hello! I need an answer quickly please.  We enabled the automatic emails to notify donors when their card is about to expire and when a charge was declined.  Is the donor able to email reply to the message?  I hope it's not possible, as we don't want anyone to reply with a credit card number!


Carolyn Lynch

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Rich Dietz
Email reply

Hello Carolyn,

There is no way to send an email without an email address so someone will always be able to "reply" to it.. that is just the way email works and nothing you can do about it inside of AFO either.

However, you can discourage folks from replying by simply telling them so.  I would put a big note at the top of the email saying *** DO NOT reply to this email, especially with credit card information.  If you have any questions or concers please contact us at this number 555-5555 *****

That way they get the info from the email but know not to reply to it.

I have even seen some groups go as far as changing the replyto email to be "DONOTREPLY@yourorg.com" or something like that just to make it even more noticable.

Hope that helps but please let me know if you have additional questions and I will do my best to answer.

Thanks, Rich